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Clearlight Sanctuary Infrared Saunas

The sanctuary models is where things get very interesting with Clearlight Saunas.  These not only include everything found in the other two lines of Essential and Premiere including the best lifetime warranty in the entire industry, but include many other features. I did spend a lot of time talking with not only a salesperson but one of the two company owners about this line as well as the Essential Models.  There is a lot of technology and innovation that seemed to go into these.

To begin with, it is clear immediately that these are beautiful saunas and one that you could be very proud to display to anyone visiting your home or office.  Yes many of these do end up in business and office settings. It is frustrating to anyone searching for a sauna to buy to read on dozens of websites that every sauna brand claims to be the best and have the strongest heaters.

In similar fashion, Clearltight claims, with its sanctuary line, to have the most powerful Full Spectrum heaters and in fact to be the only company with True Full spectrum heaters.  And after my initial investigation into sauna brands and talking with several companies, this claim is true and substantiated with evidence.

Let's start by looking at the individual units.

True Full Wave Full Spectrum Infrared Heaters

Looking at the 1 person Sanctuary 1 model we can see the influence of European Modern design.  As with any Clearlight Infrared Sauna, the heaters are True Wave ceramic carbon heaters behind, to the side and behind the legs of the user, reaching up to about shoulder height.

The seat is doctor designed contoured as is available on the Premier line as well.

But what is very striking are the silver colored heaters in the front facing at the bench.  These are the Full spectrum heaters the upgraded Sanctuary line is known for.  And these are powerful heaters.

The closest competitor to them offers near infrared as part of the labeled "full spectrum" saunas that pulse and alternate between far and near infrared.  But there is a very big difference between the 2 companies in this regard.  that other competitor has a high price tag for this near infrared.  But talking with them and reading their information reveals the near infrared of that competitor is only four 10-watt LED bulb arrays.  That is a total of 40 watts. 

In contrast, each of those full spectrum heaters in the Clearlight Sanctuary units are 400 watts each.  This is a total of 800 watts which is 20x the power of the nearest competitor.  According to their site, these patented Full Wave Heaters penetrate the heat deeper than any other competitor.

These heaters also transmit the heat directly to the user in a powerful fashion.

Again looking at the competitor that has the small 10 watt LED bulbs as their full spectrum addition.  LED bulbs, to have any near infrared benefit need to be pressed directly against the skin.  All chiropractors and other medical practitioners know this to be true to add any benefit for skin rejuvenation.  

The 10-watt bulbs in the best competitor are spread out in 4 locations around the sauna making at least 3 of them completely ineffective in regards to help and healing.  And in case the user is sitting directly in front of the remaining 1 array, he or she would need to press their back up against the 140* carbon heater which would not be possible.

Clearlight has the best carbon ceramic heaters in the industry and now with these powerful full spectrum heaters added to the front of the sanctuary in addition to the carbon heaters, they have offered us a powerful option for those looking for  full spectrum.

The Sanctuary 2 continues the modern design with Italian feel and partial glass ceiling.

Slightly more carbon heater exposure than the Sanctuary 1 and the same Full spectrum heaters in the front.  These models will heat up much faster than the Premiere or Essential.

Modern Electronic Options

Some modern electronic features in the Sanctuary Models include Android tablet and smartphone Control and a built in charging and audio station. The door handle as well doubles as a holder for a smartphone or tablet allowing for media viewing while in the sauna.

If we had not purchased the 3 person corner Essential from Clearlight, this may have been what we would own.  

We were able to step into a sanctuary model while at the showroom making our decision.  I remember remarking "these look so cool."  And they do.  These are gorgeous!

This is a corner unit with elegance and more floor space than in the other two lines corner units.  

This is the only saunas I have seen that combines a Yoga workout room with Infrared Full spectrum sauna.  It can be used either as it is pictured and it a larger version essentially of the 3 person unit.  But  what is unique is the bench can be easily removed and the entire sauna becomes a workout room with a heated yoga mat as the floor.  With the full spectrum heaters turned on, I would think this could be come very warm for someone working out.  I am not sure if it is suggested to leave the door partly open or not.

This is one unit to definitely discuss with your physician before using.  I think it would be wise to talk to your doctor before using any sauna but I think especially this if used as a yoga workout area.


It is important I think to again re-state the warranty Clearlight Saunas carry.  This is a very important aspect to consider in the decision of choosing which sauna to purchase.  All of these models carry a full lifetime warranty on everything including electronics, radios and speakers.  There is no better warranty we could find. With 2 powerful full spectrum heaters in front, the best far infrared heaters on the sides and back,Italian styling, partial glass ceilings and electronic options, these would be fantastic saunas for someone who does not have to be budget minded as we were when we purchased our sauna.  Perhaps in the future a Sanctuary will make its way into our home as well.

Please refer to the second section of the home page in the About Us area to understand our passion about sharing information with people about the powerful healing nature of a real (not junk) infrared sauna.  Please choose one wisely.