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Clearlight Infrared Saunas - Most Powerful Carbon heater?

One of the oldest infrared sauna companies and one with an excellent reputation for product innovation, quality standards and customer service is Clearlight Saunas.  The company's products are used by and currently highly recommended by some of the top and best known medical and alternative medicine facilities in the United States.  

So what makes these such an impressive product?  Most of the reason is their heaters they use.

Clearlight Sauna utilizes infrared heaters called True Wave II in which they have mixed ceramic fibers into the carbon panels, creating a truly unique and powerful heater.  This is one of the main reasons the company is so well respected and why We Chose a Clearlight Infrared Saunas for our home (See the About Us section near the bottom of this page).

These images are taken from Clearlight's website

In direct contrast to several companies that ask or pay doctors to endorse their products, Clearlight was started by a doctor who is still co-owner of the company. Dr Raleigh Duncan remains an integral part of the business and on a daily basis interacts with customers. He is the person responsible for the manner in which Sauna Works, the manufacturer of the Clearlight Infrared sauna, has been and remains the pioneer of low emf carbon panels. It is truly this innovation of True Wave carbon/ceramic panels that appears to set the company apart from all others.

It is clearly evident when looking at their products that they are different from the pack. The black carbon panels reach only up to shoulder level and do not carry all the way to the top of the back and side walls. There are a couple reasons for this according to Dr. Duncan. First is that due to the powerful nature of the panels that emit infrared that penetrates much deeper than that from standard panels . So there is no need to add all those extra panels that the competitors with weak heaters need to heat the air inside the cabin. The second is that as a doctor he sees no need to directly heat the users head.

These powerful Carbon & Ceramic heating panels offer the best penetrating, healing infrared of any heater according to clinical studies and in depth reviews on the company.  Virtually all other brands that use carbon panels use the standard carbon panel which is weak heat and weaker infrared.  

Carbon panels normally are weak emitters although they emit good infrared.  Ceramic heaters are hotter, warm up more quickly and are more powerful, yet typically emit less infrared.  

Clearlight True Wave heaters combine the best of both of these to allow the heaters to operate at lower temperatures yet provide excellent infrared therapy.

Heating Panels Surround Occupant 

They also include heaters on the front walls of the unit, ensuring infrared penetrating all sides of the body. As well, strong heaters behind the lower legs are included which are missing from even some of the high priced brands. More brands are beginning to add front side heaters but still most lack these important heaters.  The newer design of the Clearlight Sanctuary models have added two very large and very powerful Full Spectrum Infrared Heaters which are 400 watts each.  When shopping and researching various companies, if the unit lacks any front heaters, ask why and if there is not a good reason, move on to a different brand in your search.

The units also have heating panels in the floor, keeping the feet warm and covered in infrared therapy.  There are only a few companies in the entire industry which have this feature. 

Very Safe EMF Levels from Heaters

Clearlight remains one of the few companies to post the result of independent lab tests on the EMF emission levels from their heaters. They were likely the first to do so in 2010.  Many claim low emf readings but the independent results obtained by Sauna Works on their Clearlight Saunas is posted on their website. Clearlight has had readings around 3.0 milligauss (mG) for a decade but have reduced those even further to around 0.20 mG the past few years.

Clearlight Saunas also use Cedar, Hemlock or Aspen wood that has been both air dried and kiln dried. This is the optimal method to get the moisture content of the wood down to an acceptable level under 10% preventing warping and cracking later on. They also use no toxic glue with is one of the most important aspects of safe infrared therapy. It is contradictory to use a toxic glue that will put out toxic gases during a therapy session when the main goal of the infrared therapy is to remove toxins. This is a very important feature that should be in any sauna you purchase.

Additional information on EMF levels and household sources of EMFs can be found in this Public Service Commission of Wisconsin report which includes laboratory and clinical  studies. 

Clearlight Infrared Sauna Models

Clearlight has three Infrared models.  

The first is their Essential Line.  As the name implies, this line has all the essential things needed for deep detoxification without some of the frills.  The Essential line is made exclusively with kiln dried Nordic Spruce Wood.  Although lacking in some top of the line features, don't pass up considering a unit from this model line for your family.  As the name implies, all the essential needs of a healing are included in the Essential.  Impressive heating panels, ceiling air vent, floor heating and even dual control panels are standard.  

On a personal note, when our family was shopping, we tried out one different brand in a store and even in those few minutes we grew tired of getting in and out of the unit to turn the panel on and off.  Without dual control panels you will either need to step into the cabin to turn in out then step back out, or step out of the cabin while in the middle of your session to change the temperature or turn the inside lights on or off.  While this has nothing to do with benefits received from the actual infrared, I imagine we would have been frustrated using the sauna hundreds of times having to step in and out over and over.  Another small reason we are so thankful we researched a lot first and choose a Clearlight over dozens of cheap brands.

Next is their Premiere Line, which is made with Kiln Dried premium Western Red Cedar.  This line has all the features of the Essential, chromo therapy lights, reading lights, dual control panels and True Wave carbon panels, but also adds furniture grade cabin and ergonomic bench.

The top line is their Sanctuary Line which adds the look of Italian design, lots of glass and very powerful Full Spectrum lamps in the front of the cabins.  The sides back and underneath the bench retain the True Wave carbon panels.  The Yoga model in the Sanctuary line has a removable bench and heated yoga mat.  Truly unique in the industry.

The Sanctuary line of saunas has undergone a remarkable change with the addition of massive Full Spectrum Infrared Heaters to the front of the updated Sanctuary line.  A pair of 400 watt heaters are in the front, along the new larger glass panels.  This line now offers a modern look and even a workout sauna with removable benches and a yoga mat.

Dr. Ginger's Video

This is a good video I have found on a few different websites.  Dr. Ginger teaches about deep health and teaches also at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, a wellness clinic that uses Clearlight saunas to help their patients.  

In addition to the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, the centers that use this brand include Whitaker Wellness Institute in California. These are both large wellness centers with decades of history of helping many people detoxify and rejuvenate their bodies and health.  


Clearlight Infrared saunas all carry a lifetime warranty on all parts of the sauna.  This is rare in the entire industry.  This is  a good reason why choosing a product from a company with a long history and a pattern of good customer service and a good warranty is important.  When something goes wrong, you want a good warranty from a company that is actually still in existence with a pattern of honoring its promises.

About Us

A bit over a year ago I came up with the idea to get a sauna.  I had heard about them and thought it would be an easy decision.  But I slowed down a bit and did a little bit of research that is when I learned that there was so much confusing information and it was not as easy a decision as I thought it would be.  

So as a family, we started looking and talking about what we wanted the sauna for.  Every time we read more or talked to another company we gained more information and also more confusion.  Finally after what seemed like a very long time we had learned enough to eliminate many brands from our choices.  We also decided we really wanted to improve our health in a big way with infrared.  This decision when added to the information we had gained narrowed our choices to only several brands.

Fortunately when on a trip to California we were able to stop in the showroom of one of the remaining brand choices and looked at a few of their models.  This brand is Clearlight.  We were also able to speak with salespeople and one of the owners as well.  I was surprised at the lack of high pressure sales that we had felt from a couple other brands we had called.  it was a welcome change.  Our budget constrained us a bit in choice but we ended up buying a corner model of Clearlight's Essential line, their lowest priced line,

I am so glad we went with this company.  We have a lifetime warranty on our product and what has even later been confirmed as the best carbon ceramic heaters in the entire industry.

We hope we can help you save hours of searching sharing what we know.